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Gold Creative consists of a hit squad of creative professionals from all aspects of the industry with a zeal for creating cool stuff for brands.

We have been around for 25 years and know what it takes to build ground-breaking brands, being trendy and setting trends, talking the talk and walking the walk.

With partners all around the world, we class ourselves as thought leaders who think beyond our African parameter – the world is our oyster, or should we say, our canvas.

We are especially passionate to grow your business, and increase their marketshare while building brands that people love.


It’s a crowded market place out there; every product and service is desperate to get consumers attention. But you might notice that good design doesn’t need to shout, it quietly relies on its strengths to compete with everything else around it.

Form, function material and experience are singled out or combined to create something that ‘stands out from the crowd’. And, once that happens, it can become a phenomenon!


Like what you see?

We separate ourselves by our skill in cutting edge design, attention to detail and innovative conceptualization; pushing the envelope off the edge.

We have a knack for successful campaign design and brand activation.

We are trendsetters who latch on to the latest and greatest trends in graphic design, website design, and typography.


Like what you see?



SUCCESS starts by building a plan that will be the master blue print to your effective communication strategy that will define the way you launch and broadening your digital footprint.

Businesses, from single person start-ups to global enterprises, are being led to reconsider their current strategy in light of a broadening digital footprint.

With our personal and working lives being governed by technology, customers now expect their purchasing and customer-lifecycle experience to be a digital one; those who utilise the technology available for the good of their customers are most likely to lead as we venture further in to the digital era.

At Gold Creative, we have made the shift to help our clients adapt to where things are headed with extensive training in SEO to build optimised websites, e-commerce sites and APPS. Our accreditations by Google as a Google partner and MI in pharmaceutical has advanced us in the digital sphere.

Video is dominating 40% of all communication in marketing. Companies, organizations and even personalities rely on the power of virality on social media.

Virality is one of the main indicators whether their brand is effective or not. To become viral – to be shared, liked and commented on – the content published on a social platform must have a certain quality to catch on like wildfire.

Video marketing has become one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to promote a brand

Why Videos? And why not? Artists and musicians realize what video does for their music (the birth of MTV) and how it created a stronger and more immediate impact for the consumers.

Videos allow a complete visual communication and help build emotional connections with people. Compared to image and text, video is a completely different method of engaging audiences since the amount of information it can display in a second outweighs the amount of information that is read.

Embracing Social Media is no longer a leisure activity but a necessity for businesses around the world. Utilising different strategies and objectives such as brand awareness campaigns and app downloads, increases conversions on your website and return on investment.

We manage your social media from end to end. we can target a specific audience (filtered by location, interests, sex, age, industries, etc) that suit your brand and product. We can also track results in real time and monitor each campaign with analytical reports and insights.




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